Field visits can be a powerful tool when assessing an individual’s circumstances., especially for debtor tracing or reconnection.  Our experienced team of field agents can visit the property of a customer, and assist directly at the source.


This could be for a breakdown in communication, i.e. the customer has changed their contact details and has not informed you, or they are not responding to correspondence from you.  This is where our service fully benefits the clients need and takes away the headache of constant letters and phone calls,


We’ll assist you in gaining an accurate representation regarding a person’s circumstances so that you, the client, can make informed financial decisions with all the information required.

Alternatively, discreet enquiries can be made to confirm residency or gather intelligence which may lead to a new address.


You can rest assured that we are FCA accredited, fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and ensure we always operate within the law.  We are fully committed to Treating Customers Fairly (TCF), our primary objective is to ensure that we put the principles of treating customers fairly at the heart of our business.


All of our agents wear company uniform, carry ID and will produce full and compliant reporting on field visits and arrangements, payment or reasons for non-payment.

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